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Angel3.png An angel of a lawful deity
Angel.png An angel of a neutral deity
Angel2.png An angel of a chaotic deity

Angels are divine servitors of the gods. If your standing with a god is particularly good, angels may be sent to help you when you pray or sacrifice - in most cases, the angel will vanish after some time, along with all their equipment. If you annoy your god too much, angels can also be sent down to dispose of you...

All angels are female and the chaotic ones are always sadistic, or sadomasochistic in case of Nefas' angels.

Stats Equipment
Arm Strength 25
Leg Strength 25
Dexterity 25
Agility 25
Endurance 25
Perception 35
Intelligence 25 Abilities
Wisdom 35 Reattach limbs, Reading
Charisma 50
Random Stats - Permanent States
Size 200 ESP, Gas Immunity, TeleControl, Flying, Polyproof, Inediate

For Science Talking with angels you need 10 Int and 20 Wis.


Archangels are the mightiest warriors and harbingers of given deity.

Stats Equipment
Arm Strength 35
Leg Strength 35
Dexterity 35
Agility 35
Endurance 35
Perception 45
Intelligence 35 Abilities
Wisdom 45 Reading, Teleport
Charisma 60
Random Stats - Permanent States
Size ESP, Infravision, Gas Immunity, TeleControl, Polyproof, Hasted, Flying, Life Saved, Inediate

Archangels cannot be tamed (unless they are gifted to you already tamed by their god), cloned, confused, knocked unconscious or polymorphed and they are highly resistant to fire, electricity and also magic. All archangels are intrinsically Life Saved, thus surviving their death once no matter what, as there is no Amulet of life saving to rip off their neck.

The weapons of archangels depend on their alignment: Lawful archangels get a diamond flaming sword +4, neutral archangels a +4 sapphire war hammer, and chaotic archangels a ruby halberd +4.

For Science Talking with archangels you need 20 Int and 40 Wis.


  • Inlux will always be summoned to fight you should you attack Petrus or his city.
  • Despite Inlux appearing in person during the climactic battle between the player and Petrus, Legifer can still be prayed to so long as the player is outside of the cathedral. This means that the player can call upon the fireballs of Inlux to do damage to Inlux.
  • Allied angels can put your severed limbs back, as long as you have the limb in your inventory.