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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

An average pair of gauntlets

Gauntlets are pieces of armor that protect your arms in combat. All the gauntlets you'll find ingame are either made of some kind of metal (like Steel) or more often out of cloth (like Ommel Hair).

You can SoCM them to something such as Ommel Tooth or Diamond...but this isn't really a wise move. For best results, gauntlets should be made of a strong material with a high flexibility rating like Golden Eagle Feather. Stiff materials hurt your Dexterity rating; imagine trying to swing a sword with gloves made out of rock!

If you are aming for an unarmed fighter, it might be wise to enchant your gauntlets at least several levels as enchantment level of your gauntlets is used when the game calculates your unarmed damage.

Magic Gauntlets

There are two kinds of ability enhancement gauntlets to be find in the dungeons, similarly to boots. The formula is the same - higher enchantment levels increase the targeted ability accordingly. These gauntlets have a base enchantment of +1, as opposed by +0 for normal gauntlets, so if you find e.g. a +0 gauntlets of strength, those are actually disenchanted.