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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively


Loricatus is the god of fire, machines, and weaponry. On the mortal plane, he takes the form of a gigantic machine located in a dwarven city deep underground. His alignment is N=, true neutral.



  • If standing in the dark, attempt to ignite what you're wielding to grant you a light source.
  • Hardens anything you have wielded in your hands, with the item sparkling and glowing as shown below.
    • This can fail, resulting in the tingling message below.
    • Loricatus can only harden his aligned materials, and your (relationship / 50) must be greater than the material's Int requirement.
    • Failing that, there is still a 1-in-(relationship / 50) chance that a weapon made of an aligned material will be hardened anyway.
 Your item sparkles and glows like it was reforged by invisible hands.
 You feel a slight tingling in your hands.
  • May repair any broken item that you have equipped.
  • May repair any burnt item that you have equipped.


  • Will attempt to change your wielded items' material into Banana Flesh.


Offering one of these items to Loricatus at his altar will receive a greater bonus towards your relation with him: axe, war hammer, battle axe, hammer, pick axe, body armour, wand of door creation, scroll of change material, key, ring of fire resistance, ring of electricity resistance, ring of searching, ring of acid resistance, flaming sword, scroll of repair, scroll of harden material.

Or most items made of forged metals, like copper, bronze, steel, etc. See List of materials for more details.