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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Legifer is the god of law and order, and second hand to Valpurus. His alignment is L+ (very lawful).


When Legifer is pleased, he will call down a righteous explosion upon the player's position.

  • This explosion is only harmful to enemies and becomes more powerful with higher Wisdom and favor with Legifer.
A booming voice echoes: "Inlux! Inlux! Save us!" A huge firestorm engulfs everything around you.

As all gods, he may also grow you a new limb made of an aligned material, give you an aligned item, or when very pleased give you a temporary pet angel.

When angry, Legifer will cast a powerful fire spell on the player.

  • Unlike the friendly explosion, this spell is unaffected by your relationship with Legifer and may ignite inventory items.
Legifer casts a beam of horrible, yet righteous, fire on you.



There are no fixed locations for Legifer's altars, they can be found randomly throughout dungeons.


Legifer offers a powerful area attack that can wipe out crowds of weaker monsters and soften stronger ones, or destroy walls if you are in a dire need of digging with no pick-axe available.

Scroll of detect material, helmet of piercing perception and lanterns greatly boost your relation when offered to Legifer. As lanterns are plentiful in dungeon rooms and the righteous explosions get more powerful as your rise in favor, you might wish to farm piety by offering him lanterns.