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Fellow adventurer, turn back while you can! For here begins the roguelike Iter Vehemens ad Necem, a Violent Road to Death. If you choose to travel along it, you will dive into countless exciting adventures to gain items of great magic, attain powerful equipment made of mysterious materials, bathe in the blessings of mighty gods and recruit loyal allies of various shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, along the way you will also often be dangerously injured, poisoned, catch numerous diseases, lose several limbs and transform into manifold different kinds of pitiful creatures in the darkest depths of hostile dungeons. And, at the end of the road, you are bound to perish in a most gruesome and painful way.

Don't say we didn't warn you.

This is the unofficial homepage of IVAN. Here you will find a wiki with tutorials and spoilers, a forum for discussion and tips, a gallery with screenshots, downloads including variants developed by fans, high scores, and much more. Be sure to register for the website so that you can fully enjoy these resources!

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The Cathedral of Attnam

March 16 - IVAN 0.58 - Aslona released!

July 31 - pushed a software update to the website which will force all users to log back in.
Please email capristo@[this site] if you find any bugs or are unable to register/login
"We get that in here some nights, when someone's had a few. Cosmic speculation about whether the gods exist. Next thing, there's a bolt of lightning through the door with a note wrapped round it saying, 'Yes, we do' and a pair of sandals with smoke coming out."
— Terry Pratchett
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