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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively


Cruentus is the god of war and blood. His alignment is C- (very chaotic).


When pleased, Cruentus will

  • chastise a panicked player, remove the panic and grant Fearless instead,
  • if the player is surrounded, play a war drum and thus panic all nearby enemies,
The thundering voice of a godly battle drum shakes everything around you.
  • otherwise enchant your currently wielded weapon, or
  • summon a bottle of Troll blood, or
  • recommend you to his master Mortifer, increasing your favor with Mortifer by 100.

As all gods, he may also grow you a new limb made of an aligned material, give you an aligned item, or when very pleased give you a temporary pet angel.

When angry, he will

  • attempt to destroy your wielded weapon or weapons, or
  • otherwise strike you for massive damage.