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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively


Atavus is the god of charity and munificence. His alignment is L+, very lawful.



  • Attempts to enchant a random armor piece you have currently equipped, with the chance of successful enchantment being higher the higher your relationship with Atavus is.


 You have not been good all year.
  • Removes a random item from your inventory.
 Your foo disappears.
  • If that fails, will instead reduce your AStr, Agi and End by 1 point.
 You feel you are not so gifted anymore.


  • Atavus' aligned items are chests of any shapes and sizes.
  • There are no fixed locations for Atavus' altars. They are randomly found in the dungeons.
  • Atavuswill give you a banana at the start of your adventure on December 25th, known as Christmas Day in some countries.