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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Cleptia is the goddess of thieves and assassins. Her alignment is C+, slightly chaotic.


When pleased, Cleptia will

Cleptia gives you the talent for speed.
Cleptia helps you to avoid your enemies by making you invisible.
Cleptia orders darkness to hinder you no more.
Cleptia helps you, but you really don't know how.

The duration of all boons is based on your Wisdom and favour with Dulcis. As all gods, he may also grow you a new limb made of an aligned material, give you an aligned item, or when very pleased give you a temporary pet angel.

When angry, she will cast slow on you.

Cleptia slows you down.



There are no fixed locations for Cleptia's altars; they can be found randomly throughout dungeons.

Aligned items

Offering daggers and short swords to Cleptia will grant you a boost in favor.