Wand of Cloning

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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Wand of Cloning
Category Wands
Material Ruby
Charges 1 - 3
Range 5 (special)
Effect permanently clones any Items or Monsters
God Infuscor
Notes -


Belive it or not, the wand of cloning is one of the most coveted items in any game of IVAN and is on par in usefulness with the scroll of wishing or change material. While it may seem relatively poor on its own, it enables you to multiply any and all resources you find throughout the game, basically giving you extra items of your choice.

Wands of cloning and mirroring have quite a similar effects - they both fire a ray with maximal range of five tiles, but only the monster and/or items on the first occupied tile are affected.

If a monster is hit, its clone appears on a free adjacent square. This clone has no items (the inventory of the monster hit is not cloned), but otherwise is a complete equivalent of the original, including its allegiance. You can use this effect either to create a second powerful pet if you already have one, or even to clone yourself at the peak of your power, basically doubling your killing potential. Note that unique named monsters are immune to cloning.

If there are only items on the square, the first five lowest items will be affected (the items first dropped, with the exception of the wall-mounted lanterns, which are alwys the highest and can be cloned only if there are four or less items underneath them). These items will be duplicated into identical permanent copies that have the same effects and uses and even stack together. This is the most desirable effect of the wands of cloning. Be aware that not all items are cloneable (especially artifacts) and the game will not skip them while pickeing the items to be cloned - if you target a square with an uncloneable item and five cloneable on top of it, only four items will be cloned, the fifth cloneable items being unaffected because the first "charge" of cloning was wasted on the uncloneable item.


  • Note that the less rare Wand of Mirroring also clones items and monsters, but only creates temporary duplicates.
  • A spell similar to the effect of this wand is sometimes employed by the dreaded Ischaldirh, who likes to conjure clones of the player - which unlike player-made clones will retain their equipment. Be aware that these clones are hostile to you and Ischaldirh will happily watch the resulting death match between your avatar and your evil twin.
  • Both Ischaldirh and Experiment ZQ-29 always generate with a single wand of cloning in their inventory.