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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Amulets are magical items that a character can wear around his or her neck. As all kinds of jewellery in IVAN, amulets confer various passive magical powers on the wearer. You can wear a single amulet at a time and you lose it if you are beheaded - this is only problem in the case of the amulet of life saving, as it falls off before it can save your life, making beheading the only way how to kill Life Saved creature without the need to kill it twice.

Types of Amulets

Amulet Name Material Effect
Amulet of Dimensional Protection Prevents all forms of teleportation, including your items and limbs being teleported away by hostile spellcasters.
Amulet of Disease Immunity Prevents you from contracting various diseases, but does not prevent their effect if you already had them before wearing the amulet.
Amulet of Elemental Protection Adamant Grants resistance to acid, fire, lightning and poison.
Amulet of ESP Illithium Grants ESP.
Amulet of Fasting Grants Fasting.
Amulet of Life Saving Gold Grants Life Saved, but disappears after it resurrects you.
Amulet of Magic Breath Grants Gas Immunity and Swimming.
Amulet of Phasing Residuum Grants Ethereal, but disappears in time.
Amulet of Speed Grants Haste, but disappears in time.


  • The problem with being beheaded while wearing amulet of life saving is mostly relevant while fighting highly dextrous unique monsters, such as Sherarax. Beware Sherry!
  • The amulet of elemental protection can supersede all rings and cloaks granting the same resistances, as it offers resistance to all elements on a single equipment slot. On the other hand, life saving can only be gained from the amulet and having Life Saved can... well, save your life; plus cloaks grant more resistance to their respective element.


Certain variants of the game add new amulets. See CLIVAN items for more details.


  • The amulet of elemetal protection was added in release 0.50.1.
  • The amulets of magic breath, speed, phasing, dimensional protection and disease immunity were added in release 0.59.