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An item is any carriable object to be found in various dungeons. All items can be placed into your inventory and they appear there under a number of categories.

If the weight of the objects you are carrying becomes too much then you become burdened. Every item is made from one or more of the various materials. Some have charges and can be recharged, most can be destroyed, some are generated randomly and some are unique.

Many objects can pile up on top of each other on single square, resulting in only the top one being clearly visible, with a small plus sign telling you that more items are present.


Items that you can wear for protection and defense or wield to beat everyting that moves to death.


Item that you can eat, drink or throw at your opponents.

Many edible materials and liquids can be found contained in Bottles and Cans.


Nifty items to help you on your way.


Everyone likes to have a nice stash. Sometimes, carrying a strongbox with certain items inside rather that in open inventory can save your life.


Some of the game variants offer new items listed below.