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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Scabies is the goddess of mutation, disease, and famine. Her alignment is chaotic (C) and her archangel is named Pestilentia.


When pleased, Scabies will

  • spread leprosy to all hostile, non-immune monsters on the level, but only if you are immune to diseases,
 You feel a horrible disease spreading.

As all gods, Scabies will also regorw your lost limbs and has a small chance of either summoning a friendly angel as a pet for you, or giving you a random item attached to Her (such as weeping blades, Acid Shields, wands of polymorph and more).

When angry, Scabies will

  • force the player to eat a LOT of school food (causing heavy poisoning) and lower their AStr and Dex by 1 point, or
 You feel your muscles softening terribly...
  • infect the player with leprosy, or
 Scabies unleashes a horrible sickness upon you!
  • poison the player for anywhere between 18 and 30 minutes.
 Scabies unleashes all her fury upon you!

As all gods, Scabies can also summon a hostile angel when extremely angry.



Found randomly, as Scabies has no guaranteed altars.


  • Scabies offers several useful status effects. Especially the immunity to diseases can make your life easier when fighting against zombies and constantly getting infected.
  • Her area attack varies in power depending whether the monster is splashed with the relatively slow-acting poison, or the acid which will quickly destroy any armor the enemy wears and melt their limbs off.
  • Scabies' polymorph effect transforms the player into a creature between the danger levels of 2500 and 10000 for anywhere between 1000 and 2000 ticks.
    • This means the player can transform into any creature between an imp and a metal golem. Early in the game this will be very useful, later on it will lose its charm. Lucky prayer in the Underwater Tunnel can make Genetrix Vesana a breeze.


  • Scabies takes name after the Latin word for "itch", which is also used for a disease. Pestilentia then means "plague" or "pestilence".
  • Her negative effect does in fact make you eat actual school food, along with all the effects that brings.


  • Prior to v055, a prayer to Scabies always spread leprosy and didn't offer Disease Immunity, making her worship rather awkward as you would end up getting infected all the time.