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file v054 2 months ago
Oct 2, 2018 (10.69 MB) (10.05 MB)
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file v053 6 months ago
Jun 1, 2018 (9.8 MB)
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file v052 8 months ago
Mar 24, 2018 (8.85 MB)
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file v051 11 months ago
Dec 22, 2017 (4.32 MB)
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file v0509 1 year ago
Oct 27, 2017 (4.3 MB) (4.47 MB)
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file IVAN Continuation 0.50 dev 0
  Continuation of IVAN by members of this forum. See for releases and for source and to make contributions!
file IVAN 0.50 6,565
  Fellow adventurer, turn back while you can! For here begins the roguelike Iter Vehemens ad Necem, a Violent Road to Death. If you choose to travel along it, you will dive into countless exciting adventures to gain items of great magic, attain powerful equipment made of mysterious materials, bathe in the blessings of mighty gods and recruit loyal allies of various shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, along the way you will also often be dangerously injured, poisoned, catch numerous diseases, lose several limbs and transform into manifold different kinds of pitiful creatures in the darkest depths of hostile dungeons. And, at the end of the road, you are bound to perish in a most gruesome and painful way. Don't say we didn't warn you.
file IVAN CVS CVS 1,893
  The official beta release version of IVAN. Note that this has a few issues including an abnormal Valdemar spawn rate, and a high starting unarmed combat skill.
The source was modified by nukes to work on 64-bit systems as well.
file MIHAIL 0.91 654
  Merger of Ivan's High Achievement Information Lists. Tool for combining hiscore files.