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The Cathedral of Attnam

There are many places to visit in the world of IVAN; some of them friendly settlements, the others way more dark and hostile, but all can be found by a bold one if he or she chooses to wander the great expanse of the World Map. You can find a list of all towns and dungeons awaiting you below, with the ones you are likely to visit earlier listed first.

  • New Attnam - A small island city you grew up in, your adventure begins here.
  • Attnam - The capital of the great Attnamese Empire, here you can find the Cathedral of Attnam, the high priest Petrus and the end of your first quest.
    • Attnam Catacombs - Old dungeon and catacombs beneath Attnam partially converted to a cellar.
  • Gloomy Caves - A huge complex of caves and passages under a towering mountain, many vile creatures call this place their home.
    • Dark Level - Meteoric steel fortress where Elpuri dwells, guarded by a small army of various Dark Frogs.
    • Lower Gloomy Caves - Inaccesible to anyone but the bravest, these deeper caverns are only partly present in this dimension and as such can be only entered through a magical portal.
    • Oree's Lair - An extradimensional place where nothing but death, blood and the Daemon King awaits.
  • Tomb of Xinroch - A towering temple of evil gods with sprawling underground where the spirit of the ancient warlord Xinroch is imprisoned.


Some IVAN variants have additional places as well as Quests to carry out here.


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  • As the game can still be considered far from completed, many dungeons proposed during development are not yet present in-game. See Proposed worlds and Proposed cities for more details.