Mondedr underground

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The underground part of the fortress of Mondedr.

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Located underneath the fortress in the well-hidden village of Mondedr, this is the secret base of a band of brigands who are followers of Cleptia. Raven the assassin leader rules from his octiron throne with a formidable amount of mondedr guards on hand.

This is the most guarded 'fort' after the Vault of Kahraz-Arad. Most doors have two guards apiece and the level is lit by dozens of lanterns.

Level Features

  • Jail - There is a three-cell jail that is presumably only for high-value prisoners. While assassins and thieves aren't generally known for taking prisoners, even someone like Garrett would find it almost impossible to escape alive.
  • Throne room - Here you can talk to Raven, who sends you to fetch the ring of thieves. Amusingly enough...he'll occasionally teleport right off his throne!


  • Raven - the assassin leader and ruler of Mondedr.