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History: This page contains historical information about IVAN that may not be implemented in the game.

A number of ideas for cities were put forth by the developers. A few of these have made it into IVAN variants, but other than Attnam none have made it into an official release.
The information here was taken from "City ideas.txt" inside IVAN's source files.

These cities conformed to an old values structure, detailed in Values.


Amazon city
Terrain: jungle
Alignment: order, death, nature


City of order (totalitarianist city)
Terrain: evergreen forest
Alignment: order, death, self, man


Trader city
Terrain: coast, river delta
Alignment: order, life, self, man


City of gurus (greece philosopher town)
Terrain: leafy forest
Alignment: order, life, others, nature


City of witches and shamans (like Kalevala's Pohjola)
Terrain: tundra
Alignment: order, death, self, nature


Dwarven city (inside rock)
Terrain: mountains
Alignment: order, self, man


Elven city (somewhat like Lothl¢rien)
Home to the earthly manifestation of Silva.
Terrain: leafy forest
Alignment: order, others, nature


City of thieves and assassins (like Ankh-Morpork)
Terrain: swamp
Alignment: chaos, death, self, man


Desert city (like medieval Bagdad)
Terrain: desert
Alignment: order, man


City of barbarians
Terrain: steppe
Alignment: chaos, death, self, nature