Underwater Tunnel

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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

UT-Entrance.png Entrance to Underwater Tunnels as seen in the World Map.

The Underwater Tunnels are exactly what it sounds like: a long underwater passageway connecting the island of New Attnam to the mainland where Attnam is. You must path through the tunnels or fly over the ocean in order to fulfill the first quest of delivering the Encrypted Scroll to Petrus.

Special Rooms

There are several rooms with fixed layout and special properties always found on the three levels of Underwater Tunnels.

  • Entrance Room - The first room you will enter, it is "+" shaped and has upstairs leading to the World Map and a lantern for you to pick up.
  • Buried Stairway - Always on the UT 2, there is a large room with a diamond-shaped block of earth in the middle. Inside the cave-in are downstairs to the Crystal Cave.

Special Levels

Plant Level


Genetrix Vesana the Mother Carnivorous Plant dwells on UT 3. As long as she is alive, Carnivorous Plants of increasingly greater size and power will spawn in squares adjacent to you. Genetrix lives on top of the staircase leading out of UT3; therefore, she must be killed or teleported away in order to leave the Underwater Tunnels.