Tomb of Xinroch

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Tomb of Xinroch (TX) is an initially hidden location and an alternate main dungeon, accessible after giving the encrypted scroll to the Imprisoned Necromancer in the Catherdal Cellar, instead of to Petrus. It is a dark temple built atop the final resting place of Xinroch, the first Dark Knight.

Special Rooms

There are several rooms with fixed layout and special properties which appear through TX 1-7.

  • Paradise Island - A veteran kamikaze dwarf guarding a chest full of treasure on a small island in the middle of an underground lake.
  • Vampire Lair - A small room shaped like a plus sign, which contains a vampire and a dozen vampire bats. The vampire always carries a scroll of enchant armor and a scroll of enchant weapon.
  • Zombie Room - A room full of zombies carrying various food, plus a shelf full of cans.
  • Dwarven Gas Chambres - A set of small rooms filled with mines, gas traps and valuable items.
  • Ice Level Entrance
  • Experimental Necro-chambre

  • Chest Rooms - There are a couple large easily accessible square shaped rooms with smaller inner rooms. The inner room has walls of meteoric steel and a large chest in the center with one or two special items. There are no doorways leading to the inner room so you will have to find some other way to get in.
  • Secret Rooms - In addition to the chest rooms, there may be one or two small secret rooms. These are similar to the inner chest rooms in that they have a large treasure chest in the center. However, they are also lined with traps and are hidden so you will have to detect them somehow.

Special Levels

These floors are special by containing one unique threat or feature each.

Entrance Level

Ice Cave

Dual Enner Level

Tactical Level

Xinroch's Tomb

Ultimate Level


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The Tomb of Xinroch

The Tomb of Xinroch is an as-yet incomplete dungeon and the final resting place of Xinroch - though his bones have since left of their own accord, his soul still remains.

The tomb is initially a hidden location on the world map, similar to Mondedr and can normally only be accessed via completion of a quest for the priestess of scabies within the Deep Forest. As it exists currently, though, the Tomb of Xinroch shares a similar placeholder map to the Dragon Tower. Entering the Tomb of Xinroch generates the message: "Please end my suffering also."