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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

New Attnam is a small island town owned by Richel Decos. It used to be an island named Tweraif, but its pacifist inhabitants were unable to stand up to the Attnamese army. Now the island thrives on its tourism and banana exporting industries. In the beginning of the game, Richel Decos sends an encrypted message with you to deliver to Attnam. You must cross through the Underwater Tunnel to get off the island.

Entrance to New Attnam as seen in the World Map.

Level Features

Decos's Mansion
  • Richel Decos's mansion - A large, guarded building, which was formerly a temple of nature dedicated to the goddess Silva.
  • Temple - The new temple of nature, a tiny building compared to the old one, which has a poster of the High Priest Petrus on its wall.
  • Zolku's Wholesale Banana Market - A small store which sells bananas, kiwis, and pineapples which are inexpensive, but rot very quickly.


  • Richel Decos the imperialist - A somewhat powerful man, who cruelly enslaved the original inhabitants of the island to support his banana industry. He lives inside of his mansion, sitting on an Expensive Fabric couch.
  • Priestess of Silva - She lives inside the new temple, and can restore lost limbs or cure diseases for a small price.
  • Kaethos the village elder - A one-legged venerable old man who will give you good advice if you talk to him.
  • Huang Ming Pong the sumo wrestler - A fat man, the guardian of the natives' sacred and mysterious fighting techniques. You can challenge him to a fight if you enter the arena in his house while bloated.
  • Zolku the shopkeeper
  • Levitating Ostriches are unique to New Attnam.


The village people are enslaved against their will to feed Richel Decos and his guards. They are awaiting someone who will liberate them from this cruel leader.

You can liberate New Attnam by slaying Richel Decos, his rookie guards, the tourists, the banana grower encourager, and the shopkeeper Zulko. Make sure that you don't attack any of the levitating ostriches or slaves though.

Freeing New Attnam from the imperialists results in a change of dialogue for the banana growers, and denies you the chance to challenge Huang Ming Pong if you have not already beaten him. You may later seek out Terra in the Crystal Cave for a chance to ensure that Tweraif will stay free forevermore.