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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Variant Only: This page discusses characters, items, or locations that are only included in a user-made variant of IVAN. Some or all of this information will not be applicable to the original version.

The graphic for Mondedr on the World Map, currently the same as that for New Attnam

The entrance to Mondedr as shown on the World Map.

Mondedr is a secret village which can only be accessed after talking to the mystery man lurking in New Attnam while having a mondedr pass in your inventory.

Level Features

The upper level of the Mondedr fortress.
  • Shop - There is a single shop in which you may buy or sell items. Be advised that this is the only one in all of Mondedr!


Relationship to outside world

Mondedr is home to a clan of assassins and thieves, hence the need for remaining hidden. Petrus is highly suspected to have searched for Mondedr until its leader Raven used some means to assure its secrecy, which involves some level of direct assistance from Cleptia.