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Jun 20, 10:09 am
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New strategy for the tactical level in TX: Bring a stack of landmines, as many as you can. Drop them right as you enter the level and zap them with a wand of teleportation. Make sure that none of them ended near you, then pray to Silva or read a scroll of earthquake. Watch the level burn.

This gets rid of quite a few enemies (hopefully the spellcasters, too) and opens new tunnels in the walls that would otherwise force you to go around the long way. Unfortunately I still died in the last game as the Xinroch's grave keeper kept destroying my torso.
Jun 21, 1:57 am
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Oh, so the earthquake destroys all mines on the lvl? Thanks for the tip, pretty cool strategy!
Jul 21, 8:26 am
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I found a really cool weapon in the latest version: A tiaha (or whatever it's called): a polearm that can be used 1handed (with some effort), and also acts as a wand of striking (and you CAN charge it with a scroll). Of course I still lost to the enner beast.
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