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Hmm I just found out that zapping a wand of necromancy makes you more chaotic

What other little details have you guys discovered?
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Pretty well known, but throwing a bone to a dog or wolf will make it your pet.
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Vomiting on Scabies's altar will increase your alignment with him by 1.
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If you chat with Kenny the puppy long enough he will eventually you leavem me alone you moron don;t you know I can;t talk! (badly paraphrased0
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Dude did your keyboard rebel for a second.
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Zayre wrote
Not tested, but I think resurrecting someone makes them your pet... Maybe.
I've used this on mystic dark frogs and some other. But for some reason when I resurrected Sherarax she still tried to kill me.. luckily I had taken all her equipment though. I tried it a few times in fact, and ended up killing 5 Sheraraxes in one game

edit: Yes! I still have the screenshot
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Haha, you really killed Sherry five times!
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In CVS version it is possible to tame Sherarax that way. That's because in 0.50 there were <i>untamable</i> monsters and she was one of them, and in CVS there is TamingDifficulty, Sherarax is difficult, but even she can't resist resurrection.
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Where can you FIND Sherarax anyway? I've played through IVAN a few times, but never found her.
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Um.. a) you don't want to find her, trust me,... b) she will find you
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Zayre wrote
Where can you FIND Sherarax anyway? I've played through IVAN a few times, but never found her.

get AStr + Dex over 30, your HP over 300, kill Ur Khan and Golgor Dhan and then she will come. Usually happens after I kill Elpuri too. Anyone ever had her spawn before then?

She really likes to take your head off in one shot with her spidersilk whips
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She always appears before Elpuri for me, but that's mostly because I play IVANT and GC is like twice as long.
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If you've gone through the IVAN basic script course, she'll spawn right in New Attnam...
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She usually comes before Elpuri and has come before I've even seen Golgor Dhan (although he might have spawned out of sight somewhere)
And she has definitely come looong before HP is at 300
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I think different named baddies have different markers on them. Shererax has something to do with Astr and Lstr I believe, while most of the others are HP-based.

I haven't tested this theory at all, but it's what seems to happen whenever I play.
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If you throw a bottle of water at a enemy, and the water splashes on them, a Wand of Lightning deals extra damage.

Kicking in Doors improves your LStr by a little.

I think you can use Pickaxes to mine enemy bodies into little flesh, for sacrifices (AKA, to Mortifer/Evil Gods)

Equiping gloves (Metal ones, etc) can increase your H2H (Hand to Hand) damage.


No Gloves - 1-3

Iron Gloves - 3-7

At 11 AStr.
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Zayre those are really good observations.

Also that gives me an idea, Gloves of Punching .
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Using gauntlets as gloves improves uncategorised.

I've always thought it ought to be unarmed.
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lampshade wrote
Zayre those are really good observations.

Also that gives me an idea, Gloves of Punching .

Oh, man, I LOLd at "Gloves of Punching." But, the problem is, should there be a seperate command for punching? I would like to be able to choose when I punched. I mean, just because I'm carrying a sword doesn't mean I don't want to ever punch while I have it. I wish there was a way to knock a helmet off of someone besides beheading them. That would be so cool, to be able to just punch some guy's helmet off, then stab him in the face for complete ownage.
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Except for the fact that punching the helmet off of someone's face is theoretically physically impossible, outside of an extremely well placed uppercut of some sort. However, something that WOULD be more possible, either with incredibly buff human flesh arms, or some strong metal, would be punching something so hard that you dent it, and denting plate armor hurts a hell of a lot. Seriously.
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Eating floating eye corpses also boosts your Int by a very tiny amount
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Using a Pick Axe to make a small cubby hole in the wall in stages with a lot of spawning enemies (Hint... Big Mommy Plant) can save your life if you need to heal/rest/eat.

Knives are more likely to hit a target when thrown.

If you destroy a snake's body, leaving the flesh only remaining, you won't get poisoned.

Food rots slower in colder areas (Glaciers, Plataues, Etc.)

Bones classify as blunt weapons.

Weapons with a lot negatives actually HEAL your opponent.

Armors made of cloth/hair actually reduce damage taken from stabs, by a small amount.

Armors made of metal absorb electricity, causing much more damage.

Kicking enemies into walls can cause the enemy to take more damage.

Kicking chests into walls can save time in breaking the lock.

A Pick Axe can be used to break down doors much quicker then kicking them in.

Digging increases your AStr.

Using the Pick Axe, you can make storage rooms which allow you to house equipment, and possibly food, for later selling.

Attacking enemies from behind increase your critical strike chance. IF you can tell where behind is.

Eatting a snake whole usually kills you. Don't bother. Same with spiders.

Being very precise with your wishes can yield very useful results.

Drinking from fountains usually cause more bad things, then good.

You can find rings and amulets.
Sometimes creatures can come out, being friendly.
You can release a spirit, that grants you a wish.
You may gain stat boosts.
You can gain certain magical effects.

Creatures can come out, and be hostile. A lot of them.
Brown Flat Slimes (Usually I die from these... -_-)
Big Rats
Dark Frogs (Varying in size.)
This accounts for the friendly, too.

The Spirit could be angry for being summoned.
The water can be contaminated by vomit, dead creatures, etc, causing stat drops, and even poisoning/disease.
You could get randomly teleported, which gets you soaked in water.

Being covered in water increases your resistance to acid, and can remove acid/blood/magic blood.

Magic Blood can cause your weapons/armor to degenerate into negative categories.

Wooden Shields, although just wood, have very high block rates.

Wielding two shields does NOT increase your chance to block.

Triangle Trade can be done in The World of Attnam to make a very nice profit.

Levitation does indeed help you greatly.

Levitation will let you avoid mines.

Thats all I can think of, for now... Pick Axes are useful, eh?
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Wow that's alot of help, some of those things i really didn't know, congrats.
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Zayre those are a lot of damn useful tips, how did you find them out?
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Some of them are plain common sense. Others, are ones I tested for, and found out myself. After all, since the pick can dig through walls, I can make tunnels, even rooms that never existed before. Shortcuts, trap ways, you name it. The water trick, I used to survive the annoying dark frog/acidic slime events, meanwhile, the negatives that happened, are basically me telling you some mistakes I made. (IE, using a pick on a mine...)