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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Wishing is an opportunity to gain any single item of the player's choosing.

Getting a wish

There are several ways to obtain a wish, including:

  • Using the (X) command in wizmode, through which you will gain 5 scrolls of wishing.

What to wish for

IVAN has many useful items, but the following are good and rare enough to be prime candidates for wishing.



  • Beast claw: A rare weapon using Unarmed Combat skill, you might want to wish for it if you plan to use unarmed for the whole game.
  • A good helmet: Helmet of brilliance, helmet of piercing perception, or helmet of telepathy are probably the best picks.
  • Cloak or Ring of Invisibility: Invisibility is a great tactical advantage, but it also causes much more dangerous monsters to be generated.
  • Ring of Polymorph Control: Very useful if you happen to have a way of polymorphing. Note that being very powerful may cause tough monsters like Dark Mages to spawn, which is not nice if you encounter them after you have returned to your original form.
  • Ring of Detection: Randomly prompts you to pick a material to detect. Very handy.
  • Ring of Unchanging: If you acquired a powerful polymorph form (eg. from prayer to Scabies), this ring allows you to retain it indefinitely.
  • Amulet of Phasing: Walk through walls freely! Note however that this amulet is temporary and will eventually disappear. Thus it should only be wished if you really need to be able to outrun and outmaneuver any monster for a while.
  • Armor of Great Health: If you have scrolls of enchant armor, this gives a huge boost to your HPs. Again, a broken one may have a better material, but usually you want to use a scroll of change material for this one, anyway.

Magic Items

  • Scroll of Immolation: You will be able to send a fireball even through walls with this scroll. Sadly, it only works once per scroll, so it's best paired with a Wand of Cloning.
  • Wand of Cloning: These by themselves are not useful, but if you do have some other useful item to clone, this is worth its weight in gold. With one charge you can clone a pile of five items. Note that certain items like wands of cloning, scrolls of wishing or scrolls of charging cannot be cloned because this could be abused. It is therefore sometimes wise to drop more than five items in pile in case the game doesn't allow some to be cloned. If you have a powerful pet like Ivan or a mammoth, you may lure it above the items so it will be cloned, too. You can also stand on the item pile and zap yourself, in which case you will be copied along with the stack. Note that when cloning a pet or yourself, the clone will be born without any equipment and only four items under it will be copied.
  • Wand of Resurrection: If you have managed to get a unique monster as a pet, this may be extremely useful. It may also be used to quickly replace lost limbs.
  • Holy Banana of Oily Orpiv: Has terrific explosive power which can aid you in boss battles. Also trains all attributes when eaten. Be sure to store this in a hard container like strongbox, because if it explodes in your inventory, you're in BIG trouble.
  • Magical Whistle: Handling more than two pets is almost impossible without this.
  • A magical horn: Either horn of healing, or horn of plenty.

What not to wish for

  • skeleton key: You just get a fish skeleton.