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You are sent on a dangerous quest to traverse the desolate Underwater Tunnel filled with deadly monsters all alone - you will need a weapon if you want to survive.

You can see the extended statistics of all weapons in your inventory screen:

an adamantine short sword covered in blood +6 [1000g, DAM 9-16, extremely accurate, almost unbreakable, skill 16/0]

This tells you many things about the weapon:

  • it is covered in blood, which doesn't do much, but weapons covered eg. in poison can be quite useful indeed,
  • it has the given damage range,
  • it is very accurate, hitting more often,
  • it is very durable, breaking much less likely,
  • your skill with the weapon category is 16, while your hand accustomization skill is 0.

The accuracy ratings go as follows:

unbelievably inaccurate
extremely inaccurate
decently accurate
highly accurate
extremely accurate
unbelievably accurate

The durability ratings then are as follows:

rather sturdy
very strong
extremely strong
almost unbreakable

Types of Weapons

All other items wielded as a weapon use the Uncategorized Weapons skill.

Magical Weapons

These weapons have magical qualities that make them quite desirable and powerful.

Artifact Weapons