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You are the player and you will guide your hero/adventurer/character through the dungeons of IVAN. You can only have a single hero at a time, but the bone files can provide a kind of a limited interaction with former characters.

Your adventurer has Hit Points, attributes, an alignment and skills. He also has a purse (to hold his Gold) and a backpack (or inventory). The adventurer can gain various magical Status Effects and has to deal with hunger, encumbrance and fatigue.

You always start the game accompained by a pet Kenny the Puppy, who is intended to help you, especially in the early stages of the game (especially against the thrice damned Hedgehogs).


"I remember still clearly when we first found you in the jungle. You were five and had seemingly been raised by hippos since birth.

Even though you have lived here, you are somehow different from the Tweraifians, I can sense it. Is it your aggressive and wild character or your stupidity that separates us? Or is it just that your skin is white and our black?"

- Kaethos the village elder