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A cloak is a piece of equipment wrapped around your whole body, protecting mainly torso, but also other body parts. For the best results, it's important for a cloak to be both flexible and strong, making high-tier cloth materials your best bet.

A common cloak can be found quite easily in Underwater Tunnels, but several magical cloaks can be used instead, either found with a bit of luck or bought, mainly in Hulbo's shop.

Magical Cloaks

All magical cloaks except for a cloak of invisibility grant a high amount of resistance to one type of elemental damage.

  • Cloak of acid resistance reduces damage taken from acid.
  • Cloak of electricity resistance reduces damage taken from electricity.
  • Cloak of fire resistance reduces damage taken from explosions and other sources of fire.
  • Cloak of flying grants levitation.
  • Cloak of invisibility makes you invisible.
  • Cloak of protection is always made of various metals, offering very high AV with next to no attribute penalties for its inflexible material, but still weights A LOT.
  • Cloak of quickness increases Agility.

Artifact Cloaks


  • Be aware that cloaks cause heavy penalties to Dex and Agi when made of inflexible materials. Even Troll Hide or Dragon Hide, which both are still more flexible than any metal, cause significant penalties.
  • Cloaks should be one of the prime candidates for scrolls of enchant armor, as they protect most body parts, not only single one as the rest of the armor pieces.
  • Contrary to popular believe, higher enchantment does not increase the amount of resistance granted by the cloaks. Instead, their higher AV may decrease the damage taken.