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Bringing the light where there was none before, illuminating and enlightening all that was dark, the first thing you will need in all the pitch black dungeons of IVAN will be a light source.


Lanterns.gif A wall-mounted lantern and a lantern on the floor.

Lanterns are the most common light source - generated in all dungeon rooms, you will usually find them mounted on walls.

Unfortunately, they shatter rather easily, being especially vulnerable to explosions. Ditch them as soon as possible for a light crystal, crystal skull, or a flaming weapon.

In a pinch, lanterns can make for effective weapons and have a surprisingly high block rate due to high roundness. This makes them suitable for battle in the earliest stages of the Underwater Tunnels, especially against hedgehogs should the player be lacking an actual weapon.

Also note that glass hardens directly into illithium, making an early scroll of hraden material an option how to both raise the damage and overcome the fragility of your bloodstained lantern.

Oil Lamp

Oil lamps are better known for their association with genies. However, they can also be used as an indestructible light source.

An oil lamp emits light similar to a lantern when held in your inventory, although not quite as bright. It is also quite heavy, being made of gold.

Light Crystal

An indestructible and very light stone made of light crystal, they are the most common replacement for the fragile lantern you start with. They are extremely rarely found in the dungeons, so that it's much more convenient to visit the Crystal Cave and destroy one of the large crystal shards (or golems) found there to get one.

Crystal Skull

Crystal skulls are basically in the shape of skulls - and they have all the same properties, including invulnerability, only the crystal skull looks much more badass than any glowing stone can ever hope.

All Necromancers have a chance to be generated with a crystal skull instead of the normal one they are mostly carrying. Also, you can make your own with a skull from a destroyed skeleton and a Scroll of Change Material; but that is the worst way you could possibly waste this precious scroll.


  • Flaming Sword - Emits an orange glow due to being on fire. Continues to emit light when broken.
  • Thunder Hammer - Emits a bright white-blue glow. Continues to emit light when broken.
  • Holy Banana - Also emits an orange glow due to being on fire.
  • Justifier - Emits bright white light.
  • Left Nut of Petrus - Emits an orange light.
  • Shirt of the Golden Eagle - Emits a blue light.