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Containers are a class of objects used for storing other objects or materials. There are three main types of containers:

Object Containers

Object containers can be used to store any item (including other object containers) that fits inside - each container has its own volume limit to prevent abuse (e.g. you cannot put a big mine into a small chest, it's simply way too big).

These containers can be partially broken with enough physical force, destroying the lock, but they are impossible to obliterate entirely. The force used on the container carries to the contents though, which can break fragile items before the chest is even opened.

  • Small Chest
  • Chest
  • Large Chest
  • Strongbox

Material Containers

Material containers can only "hold" a secondary material - generally a liquid. The player can drink or eat the contents of the container, leaving it empty, while empty material containers can be dipped into liquids to store them for later use. This is most advantageous to do with the Healing Liquid and troll blood you will find in the dungeon, as each bottle or can will be generated with two doses of the liquid in question and dipping an empty container into it will split it evenly between the two, leaving you with e.g. two bottles of troll blood instead of only one.

There is currently no way for the player to store solid materials in a container, despite some cans spawning with solid food inside.

Special Containers

Several Dungeon Features can be used as a special kind of static container, as it's possible to put things inside yet the container itself cannot be moved.

  • Bookshelf - A piece of furniture that spawns full of books and/or scrolls. It can store anything, however, and may be a viable place for the player's stash.
  • Coffin - An old burial receptacle found in the catacombs beneath Attnam.
  • Fountain - A marble vessel containing water, fountains can be drunk from by the player for various effects.
  • Cauldron - A large liquid container added in CLIVAN that the player can drink from, but cannot use to fill other containers.