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Small swords are a type of Swords that train and make use of the small swords skill. Their common traits are high accuracy and low weight at the expense of low damage.

There are three weapons in the small swords category:

  • Dagger
  • Short Sword
  • Sickle

Types of Small Swords


Daggers are common one-handed weapons boasting small size, weight, and high accuracy. Daggers are generated in a wide variety of metallic materials.
Daggers deliver both slashing and piercing damage. Their block modifier is not impressive, sitting at 800 due their tiny size and average roundness.

Daggers have an adequate strength modifier, making them "rather sturdy". They have a tiny primary material density, meaning changing the material of the dagger will have very little effect on its weight. Daggers are made entirely of metal - like a quarterstaff the dagger's hilt material inherits the primary material as well.

Daggers are attached to Cleptia.


  • Very common
  • Very good accuracy and sturdiness
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Low strength requirement
  • Small swords skill carries to both sickles and short swords
  • Functional as throwing weapons due to their abundance and accuracy


  • Low damage output that is not ever overcome by upgrading its material
  • In addition to the above, low but fast damage can lead to doing absolutely no damage to certain enemies no matter how many times you hit them

Short Sword


Magical Small Swords

Artifact Small Swords