E-numa sa-am

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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

This artifact katana is one of the regal weapons of Aslona, currently held by Efra Peredivall, the Lord Regent of Aslona

E-numa sa-am
Category Large Swords
Type the noble katana named E-numa sa-am
Weight 560g
Damage 12-21
Material White Jade with Black Jade handle
Effect Special hit effect against chaotic creatures.
Accuracy unbelievably accurate
Sturdiness almost unbreakable
Notes -

When a creature of chaotic alignment is hit by E-numa sa-am, it is "rebuked". This has several effects: First, it removes all temporary positive status effects (such as Haste) from the victim. Then it tries to panic them, and finally it applies teleportation lock to them, preventing magical escape from the wielder of E-numa sa-am.

This effect doesn't trigger against neutral or lawful creatures.