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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

The mace named Turox is an artifact weapon. It is probably the most dangerous to the wielder, since it occassionally creates an random sized explosion over the target. In addition to damaging the wielder, this explosion can cause undesired effects by angering shopkeepers, elite guards etc. A cloak of fire protection is a must if you plan to use this powerful weapon.

It doesn't need much AStr to be wielded with one hand either.

Category Blunt weapons
Type the mace named Turox
Weight 3450g
Damage 7-13
Material Meteoric Steel with Arcanite handle
Effect May trigger a magical explosion when hit with
Accuracy Inaccurate
Sturdiness Very strong
Notes -


  • Probably a nod to the Turok game series.

Bedtime Stories of Grandpa Ischaldirh

Fiction: This page is a work of fiction by Ischaldirh

So, ye want another story, do ye? Well, how would you like to hear about the Fortress of Prym, and the valiant knights of Legifer who defended it? A grand tale it is.

You don't want to hear about Prym? You want to hear about the Ogres of Fentrylund? Bah! I won't waste my time. Now sit down, shut up, and listen, you little twerp.

So! *Ahem* Prym was a great citadel, a nearly impregnable fortress. Set atop a steep hill, protected by high, thick walls, surrounded by a deep moat, and guarded by the valor of the Shining Knights of Legifer, it withstood many sieges. Xinroch himself, with his army at his back, was unable to take it! But alas, no castle is truly impossible to capture. So it was with Prym.

Many years after Xinroch's failed assault, Cruentus sent his champion to destroy the stronghold of his arch nemesis' followers. So Il-Khan, one of the greatest orcs of the ages, came to Prym with an army of orcs, goblins, kobolds, and gibberlings at his beck and call. They surrounded the castle and lay waste to the countryside. Near daily, they assaulted the walls, and for months the valiant warriors within beat them back at great cost. Dozens of defenders fell daily, mortally wounded by the weapons of their enemies; but for every knight struck dead, scores of the enemy were sent to the Bloody Halls of Cruentus. Shut up Timmy, you can piss when I'm finished. Hand me my vodka, will you?

*Ahhh* That's more like it. Now where was I? Ah yes, the siege of Prym. The Grandmaster of the Shining Knights, Lord Marshal Priap, knew that the situation was desperate. The supplies within the fortress - as well as the men - would be exhausted long before the enemy's. So he wrote a letter, and dispatched it via flying ostrich to Attnam, requesting aid. High Priest Patty, however, could not come to his aid, for he was engaged in a mortal struggle of his own against his prodigious gut... or something along those lines. Maybe it was the elves... Anyway. When Priap heard the news, he knew he and his men were doomed.

The next night, after beating back yet another assault, he gathered his tired, wounded, demoralized men in the High Temple of Legifer and bid them pray for salvation. By this time, only 50 of the knights yet lived, and ten of those suffered from dire wounds. Yet they knelt by their lord and prayed to Legifer.

And behold! Legifer heard their call! But Legifer was also busy, and asked them to call back.

So the men went to the Lesser Temple of Seges, and prayed again. Seges rushed to their aid, and cooked them all a magnificent meal of boiled bananas, canned beef, and baked cat. Then Seges wished them luck against the ravening hoards at their doorstep.

Sophos taught them everything there was to know about orcish dining etiquette. Atavus gave them all hand-knitted sweaters, Dulcis played some nice music for them, and Silva made it stop raining.

The knights were getting desperate now. So, they all crowded into the (long-dead) blacksmith's forge and clustered around his dis-used shrine to Loricatus, and they prayed. Seeing their plight, Loricatus took pity on the beleaguered soldiers and devised a way to aid them. He worked all night and through the next day; but when he was finished, each and every soldier carried a new, divinely crafted mace of arcanite and meteoric steel.

Right about this time is when Legifer got back from his date with Nefas, and realized what had happened in his absence. Not to be outdone by some neutral forge god, Legifer sent Iustitia to bless the weapons forged by Loricatus with the might of the Divine Fires.

Thusly armed, Priap ordered his men to assemble in the courtyard. It was a misty morning. Priap gave a rousing speech, probably about courage and heroism and the final stand of the Light or some such nonsense, and led his warriors through the gates into the teeth of the waiting enemy. With every blow from the valiant Shining Knights, holy retribution spewed forth from the maces, obliterating kobolds and goblins. But Legifer's blessing proved to be a two-edged sword: the Knights themselves found they were as vulnerable to the divine blasts as were the enemy.

In the end, the Shining Knights were defeated; their holy weapons stolen; their fortress plundered. But they had inflicted a heavy toll on the forces of Il-Khan; he was forced to retreat to the mountains lest he be caught and destroyed by the armies of Attnam who were now riding in search of vengeance. They say you can still find the weapons scattered through caves and dungeons the world over...

What? Did the maces have names? Of course they had names! They were all named Turox! Dumb boy. Why? You ask too many questions. Go bother your mother.