Neerc Se-ulb

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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

This life-sucking mace is a championship gift from Mortifer.

It randomly sucks HP from the struck enemy and gives them to the wielder, in addition to the normal damage. By using it you also slowly move from lawful to chaotic alignment. It comes already enchanted and needs 35 AStr to be wielded with one hand, but even two handed is a very good killing device. It cannot be cloned or transmuted.

Neerc Se-ulb
Category Blunt Weapons
Type the ancient mace named Neerc Se-ulb +6
Weight 5000g
Damage 12-22
Material Mithril with Mithril handle
Effect Drains life from enemies, healing the player
Accuracy Accurate
Sturdiness Almost ubreakable
Notes -


  • Just read the name backwards...