Staff of wondrous smells

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Staff of Wondrous Smells is a magical quarterstaff. It can be of any of the materials that normal staffs are made of, with a ruby tip. It is slightly lighter and packs heavier punch than a usual quarterstaff.

When the player strike an enemy with the staff, the staff sometimes creates a cloud of magical scents. One of two things can result: If a blue cloud is created, it is dropped on the player (or any other user of the staff if it's not wielded by the player). By staying in the cloud, the player gains many positive intrinsics - Infravision, Haste, Telecontrol, Polycontrol, ESP, Levitation. If a red cloud is created, it is dropped on whatever enemy the player just hit with the staff. The red cloud confers many negative intrinsics, most of which aren't listed on the status line - eg. Teleportitis, Polymorphitis, Slow and Confusion. Neither of the clouds can grant Gas Immunity, though.

Although the blue cloud will always be dropped on the attacker and the red one always put on the enemy, once the clouds appear they do stay there for a while, which means that a monster can wander into a blue cloud and vice versa if you are not careful, and the result can be dangerous.