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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Gods are ancient entities of world-changing powers - and you can gain access to a sliver of their might if you can win their favour.



You cannot contact any god unless you know the right rituals - learn the rituals by visiting an altar of given deity or by reading his or her holy book. Praying to Mellis may also result in Mellis sharing knowledge with you of a god you have not encountered yet.

Reading the holy book or praying to a certain god will raise your relation with that god and also shift your Alignment closer to the god's. Deities of similar alignment will also be slighlty pleased.

The increase in favour is proportionate to the alignment similarity: If you pray to Atavus (L+), Legifer (also L+) will be pleased nearly as much as Atavus, while Valpurus (L++) and gods of lawful (L) alignment will be also pleased. Sophos (L-) would not care (no change in relationship) and gods of greater alignment differences will be increasingly displeased, so it is best to pick a handful of similarly aligned gods to pray to. Note that praying to Valpurus (L++) will make Sophos (L-) slightly angry, as the alignment difference is too large.

Praying to any god will have a reward if you have good relationship with that god, and will slightly increase your wisdom. Although each god has a different prayer effect, most will summon new limbs if you are missing one and may summon a pet Angel or their personal archangel for you. Praying will have a negative effect if you are not in good standing with the god or if you pray too often - if you receive a positive reaction, it should be safe to pray again in two hours, 30 minutes. In the event of a negative reaction, the cooldown time is generally at least twice as long.
All gods also have a small chance to summon any item aligned with them for you.

Beware that Valpurus and Mortifer have different praying mechanics - do not pray to then the first time you learn the right rituals! See Becoming the Champion section below for more details on how to please them.


Offering sacrifices at an altar will raise your relationship with that deity. There are certain items and materials for each god which they prefer, those will raise your relationship more than others (as noted by the god thanking you for your "generous offer").

Becoming the Champion

Coming soon!

The Pantheon

Alignment God
Valpurus L++ Valpurus the King of Gods
Legifer L+ Legifer god of law and order
Atavus L+ Atavus god of charity and munificence
Dulcis L Dulcis goddess of love and art
Seges L Seges goddess of health and nutrition
Sophos L- Sophos god of knowledge, magic, and handicrafts
Silva N+ Silva goddess of nature
Loricatus N= Loricatus god of fire, machines, and weaponry
Mellis N- Mellis god of money, trade, and politics
Cleptia C+ Cleptia goddess of assassins and thieves
Nefas C Nefas goddess of forbidden pleasures
Scabies C Scabies goddess of mutations, disease, and famine
Infuscor C- Infuscor goddess of wrong knowledge and vile magic
Cruentus C- Cruentus god of war and blood
Mortifer C-- Mortifer the Destroyer of Worlds


  • Using a Wand of Polymorph on any Altar will change it into an altar of a different god; this does not affect your relationship with the first deity.
  • The gods changed a lot over development, with many changing names and powers. See Old Gods.