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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

ZombieFull.png "Need brain but you too stoopid!"

Zombies are lumbering reanimated corpses who are very prevalent throughout the dungeons and can be encountered as early as in the Underwater Tunnels. They are extremely tenacious and will continue to attack until slain (again), even when dismembered. Furthermore, they can reattach any lost limb, including their head, and will happily continue their unlife until either their torso or groin are destroyed. Any humanoid body part lying on the ground is eligible for a zombie to use as a substitute for its own lost limb, leading to such monstrosities as kobold zombie with an orcish arm and the head of a Mistress. However, they cannot make any use of inorganic limbs.

Zombies may sometimes equip weapons or armor they find around the dungeon, slightly increasing their potency.

Beware that zombie flesh is dangerously rotten and you should never consume it. The Diseases they carry are one of the biggest threats associated, as they can rarely transmit it by biting you. A nasty way to cripple the defenses of Attnam is to lead a group of infected zombies into the town and set them loose; just be sure to heal yourself afterwards.

Zombies are a kind of derived undead - that means their attributes are not given, they rather inherit them from the monster they were in life. Thus, kobold zombies are nearly harmless while orc officer zombie will tear weaker characters to shreds.

Making Friends with the Dead

Zombies can be created via necromancy. Necromancers can raise dead and if they are present on any floor, you will likelz have to kill the necromancer first to stop eternal reanimation of zombies. These necromancers prove to be a problem in large areas where they may be difficult to find, such as the special Zombie Level on the GC 6 which focuses on undead. There is a prodgious amount of both zombies and necromancers here. It is a single big room where you will be attacked from all sides with necromancers reanimating the zombies and summoning Skeletons.

You can create your own zombies with the wand of necromancy. Use the wand on a corpse of any humanoid creature and it will raise as a zombie. If you want to truly revive a fallen creature, however, you will need to use a wand of resurrection.

There is another roundabout way of necromancy - tame a proper necromancer. Zombies raised by friendly necromancers will automatically be friendly to you. But beware! While having a horde of undead warriors on your side can be useful in some circumstances, it can also be a royal pain. A newly-raised zombie does not know most orders and cannot be given any if it lacks a head. So unless you go around playing Drill Sergeant to every single friendly zombie, they'll wear and wield whatever they come across, follow you in crowds and generally make nuisances of themselves.


Statistics are given for the standard zombies ("Zombie") rather than derived zombies. Zombies created as a result of necromancy will have wildly varying stats.
Zombies are also spawned with a variety of missing limbs and their body parts will slowly rot away. Therefore the following stats only apply to a zombie with all available limbs.

Zombie ZombieFull.png
Stats Equipment
Arm Strength 12
  • None.
Leg Strength 12
Dexterity 3
Agility 4
Endurance 10
Perception 12
Intelligence 3 Abilities
Wisdom 3 Eating, Kicking, Can reattach heads
Charisma 3
Random Stats 75 Permanent States
Size 100 Leprosy
HP Variable