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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Genetrix Vesana (or Jenny) is the mother carnivorous plant. The player needs to kill (or move) Genetrix in order to get out of the Underwater Tunnel. According to Kaethos, she is the result of a horrifying science experiment:

"Some time ago Attnamese military alchemists managed to crossbreed the carnivorous plant and the pineapple tree. They named the result Genetrix Vesana and discovered it was a powerful hunter. The colonists tried to transport it to Attnam through the underwater tunnel but never arrived in the destination."

"Jenny" in all her glory

Stats and Equipment

Genetrix Vesana the mother carnivorous plant
Stats Equipment
Arm Strength 16

3 Pineapples

Leg Strength -
Dexterity -
Agility 8
Endurance 30
Perception 24
Intelligence 12 Abilities
Wisdom 8
Charisma 20
Random Stats - Permanent States
Size 250 Infravision, Plant, Rooted
HP 270


She is always on the stairway upwards leading out of the Underwater Tunnel level 3.

Appearance and abilities


She can't move by herself, and can only attack the player in melee. As long as she is alive, Carnivorous Plants will spontaneously sprout around the player while he is in UT3. The plants get stronger the longer the player remains on the level.

When she is killed, Genetrix drops 3 pineapples and a gigantic corpse.


  • Being completely immobile, Genetrix is extremely vulnerable to thrown objects and wands.
  • Being a plant, she suffers a 1.5x damage multiplier from attacks using a sickle or scythe.
  • Forced application of vodka or valdemar will inflict confusion, causing her to likely kill all her guardian plants instead of attacking you.
  • Likewise, throwing a bottle of poison can help in the fight, doing damage over time.
  • To avoid fighting Genetrix completely, simply zap her with a wand of teleport and proceed up the stairs.
    • Unlike defeating her using more traditional methods, this will NOT stop the rapidly spawning hordes of carnivorous plants.
    • Earthquake (from Silva or the scroll) may also move her off the stairs if a falling wall would squish her.
  • Alternatively, if you get a Belt of Levitation (most likely through a wish), you can skip her (and the rest of the UT) by flying to Attnam over the world map.
  • A wand of acid rain is NOT effective against her, because plants are resistant to acid damage. However, it can help clear the walls around her to allow you to attack from different angles.