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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

A wand is basically a small, thin stick made of wood, metal or something solid, which may be carved or sometimes ornate. Wands contain some sort of magic and you can [z]ap them to invoke the power. They are provided with a random number of charges, which can be replenished with a scroll of charging. You must have at least one usable hand to zap them.

When a wand is broken by some external force, it releases its raw power around it, which can be very dangerous. You can also intentionally break wands by [a]pplying them. Applying the wand does not require any charge.

Types of Wands

Wand Name Material Weight Charges
Acid Rain Sulphur 250g 2-5
Alchemy Lead 2-5
Cloning Ruby 500g 1-3
Door Creation Oak 87g 3-6
Fireballs Bronze 1037g 1-4
Haste Tin 906g 3-6
Invisibility Glass 312g 3-6
Lightning Gold 2500g 2-5
Mirroring Sapphire 500g 1-3
Necromancy Bone 250g 2-5
Polymorph Octiron 112g 2-5
Resurrection Phoenix Feather 25g 1-3
Slow Granite 337g 3-6
Soften Material Fungiwood 2-5
Striking Iron 1000g 2-5
Teleportation Silver 1312g 3-6
Webbing Spider Silk 3-6

Artifact Wands

Wand Name Material Weight Charges
Bone of Ullr Ommel Bone 8
Holy Banana of Oily Orpiv holy banana flesh 6

Using Wands

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Breaking Wands