Release 0.55

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Released on 20th December 2018. Available here.


  • Added Freedom for Tweraif victory.
  • Added crafting.
  • Considerably reworked Lobh-se.
  • Added new shields, amulet, wand and artifacts.
  • Added several new materials.
  • Buffed regeneration. It now both regrows limbs and speeds up restoration of HP.
  • Stamina cost reworked. It will decrease more slowly, balancing powerful artificial limbs better.
  • Mana attribute decreases cooldown of magical items.
  • Scroll of body switch is once again unwishable.
  • Decreased frequency of magical equipment.
  • Improved stethoscope display.
  • Tweak the effects of prayers.
  • You may only become the champion of either Valpurus or Mortifer.
  • Increase effects of Wisdom on prayers.
  • You can now attempt to steal from shops.
  • Move saves, bones and config to user directory.
  • Add LGTM code quality badges.


  • Backtrace.
  • Broken vials are no longer fixed into bottles.
  • Fix wizard mode autoplay mode.
  • Fix heap-use-after-free in go::Handle().
  • Harden bitmap::Fill().
  • Fix first person being used in crafting messages.
  • Fix dialogue of Terra.