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Doing the following will train this stat (there probably other sources too). Note that ommel materials and the holy banana of Oily Orpiv are not listed; they have great positive effects on many attributes simultaneously. There are also equipment like boots of strength which increase a stat as long as they are worn.

There are several NPCs, eg. angels, mages, frogs, Kaethos, Haathbar, Richel Decos, etc. which may talk to you about randomized scientific topics if your stats are high enough. This event trains intelligence, wisdom and/or charisma, depending on the talker, but only a few times per one creature.

AStr = Arm Strength
Increases damage inflicted on enemies
Source: Fighting in general, digging.
LStr = Leg Strength
Increases carrying capacity and kicking damage
Source: Being burdened or worse, kicking.
Dex = Dexterity
Increases accuracy and hit speed
Source: Fighting, setting up traps, doing almost anything with your hands.
Agi = Agility
Increase movement speed and ability to dodge attacks
Source: Kicking, being unburdened and moving about, especially running.
End = Endurance
Increases maximum health points and healing rate
Source: Gaining lost HPs back, especially dangerous wounds.
Per = Perception
Increases sight range and accuracy
Source: Zapping wands, eating carrots, throwing items, fighting.
Int = Intelligence
Increases your ability to read and use magic
Source: Reading scrolls or books, talking to some NPCs ("science talk").
Wis = Wisdom
Increases your ability to deal with gods
Source: Reading holy books, praying, offering.
Cha = Charisma
Improves your ability to negotiate and make deals
Source: Doing business or chatting with characters.


When the player has this state they will randomly teleport around the level.

Teleport control

When a random teleport occurs the player can choose where to teleport in a certain radius based on intelligence.


When the player has this state they will randomly polymorph into different monsters.

Polymorph control

When a random polymorph occurs the player can choose want they want to polymorph into. The power of the new form is limited by intelligence.


There are multiple diseases in IVAN. Diseases


This state causes the player to float in the air.


This state allows the player to see nearby intelligent monsters through walls, smoke and other map objects that would normally hinder vision.


Can see warm creatures in the dark or when they are invisible.


Monsters can't see you, unless the monster has infravision and/or stands next to you.

Burden states

These are not techically states, as they are more fundamental. The player may become burdened, stressed, or overloaded. Moving around when burdened or stressed exercises leg strength, increasing the ability to carry more. A player may become overloaded usually as a result of losing a lot of strength, causing him to be unable to move unless he drops most of carried equipment.

State Ideas