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Higher Dexterity allows you to block attacks and place traps without accidentally setting them off.

Wielding light weapons trains your dexterity, as does practicing placing traps and unlocking doors / chests.
Drinking Ommel Sweat will provide an immediate boost to Dexterity and Agility.

Wearing heavy gloves will reduce your dexterity as long as they are equipped.
Equipping gauntlets of dexterity will provide a passive boost to your dexterity, and can outweigh the weight penalty at higher enchantment levels.


  • Directly influences your to-hit chance. Higher dexterity means you're more likely to hit a target in combat at any range. It also means you are more likely to block or parry incoming melee attacks
  • Increases your chance to escape a web or bear trap
  • Reduces the amount of time it takes to launch an attack with your arms (i.e. regular combat) which means you may be able to attack multiple times before your opponent can react
  • Reduces the amount of time it takes to dig a wall or break an object with a pick-axe
  • Reduces the amount of time it takes to perform a dexterity action (see below)
  • Reduces the amount of time it takes for a non-humanoid monster to bite, possibly allowing them to attack multiple times before their opponent can react
  • Makes it less likely for you to get stuck in your own bear trap when you attempt to place it on the map

Training your Dexterity

The following actions will train your dexterity:

  • Performing a dexterity action (variable, see below)
  • Blocking an attack with one-handed item (Variable, normally 300xp, dependent on player's burden level)
    • Blocking an attack with two-handed item (as above, but doubled due to applying to both arms at once)
  • Consuming ommel sweat (+500xp * amount)
  • Consuming ommel bone (+500xp * amount)
  • Throwing an item (+75xp)
  • Attacking an enemy that dodges the blow (+50xp if unarmed, variable depending on burden level but usually +300xp otherwise)
    • Double XP for the above if using a two-handed weapon, or two one-handed weapons that were both dodged
  • Eating the holy banana of oily orpiv (+1xp * amount * 13)

The following actions will reduce your dexterity:

  • Waiting a turn (-25xp)
  • Having leprosy (-25xp per tick)
  • Resting without needing to heal (-25xp per tick)
    • This includes falling unconscious

Dexterity actions:
Dexterity actions increase dexterity experience by the number given (difficulty) multiplied by 15.

  • Opening or closing a door (10)
  • Putting an item into or removing an item from a container (10)
  • Dipping an item into a liquid (10)
  • Healing an ally (Petrus or angels only, 10)
  • Re-attaching a head (Zombies only, 10)
  • Attempting to apply a trap (5)
    • Successfully applying a trap (10)
  • Opening or closing an iron maiden (5)
  • Reading a book or scroll (5)
    • This is described as a dexterity action by a comment in the code, stating the player has to fetch the item from his backpack first to read it
  • Wielding an item (5 to that arm)
  • Changing your equipment (5)
  • Digging (5)
  • Throwing an item (5)
    • This counts in addition to the flat XP given in the above section, since DexterityAction() is also used to calculate action point consumption
  • Offering an item to a god (5)
  • Applying a wand (5)
  • Eating an item (5)
    • Finishing eating an item (2)
  • Equipping a pet with new items (3)
  • Using a stethoscope successfully (2)
  • Giving an item to a pet (2)
  • Taking an item from a pet (2)
  • Dropping an item (2)
  • Picking up an item (2)