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Arm strength. An abstraction of basically how huge and rippling your arm muscles are.
Higher Arm Strength lets you wield heavier weapons, and increases the damage of your attacks,

Wielding heavy weapons naturally trains your arm strength. However, if they are too heavy, you may not be able to use them at all.
Drinking a bottle of Ommel Urine is an easy way to artificially increase your Arm and Leg Strength,

Equipping gauntlets of strength will passively boost your arm strength by a certain amount based on their enchantment level.

Replacing your arms with prosthetics made of inorganic materials will instantly boost your Astr based on the material used, at the expense of not being able to heal them naturally.
You can acquire an artificial arm by using a scroll of change material, or by praying to your favourite god when you are missing an arm.


  • Causes all attacks using your arms to hit harder
  • Decreases the amount of Stamina it takes to make an attack
  • Allows you to wield heavier weapons without penalties
  • Allows you to throw items further, which in turn increases the amount of damage thrown items inflict on impact
  • Allows you to dig faster by causing each strike to cause more damage to the wall being dug
  • Makes it easier to escape from a bear trap


The following actions will train your arm strength:

  • Eating ommel bone (+500xp * amount)
    • Note: You will not normally be able to eat bone. Figure it out for yourself.
  • Drinking ommel urine (+500xp * amount)
  • Digging (+200xp per tick)
  • Attacking an enemy that did not dodge (+75xp)
  • Throwing an item (+75xp)
  • Eating the Holy Banana of Oily Orpiv (1xp * amount)
  • Blocking an attack (variable)

The following actions will reduce your arm strength:

  • Praying to a hostile Atavus (-1 attribute point)
  • Praying to a hostile Mortifer (-1 attribute point)
  • Failed prayer to Scabies "You feel your muscles softening terribly..." (-1 attribute point)
  • Vomiting (-75xp)
  • Being hungry (-25/50/75xp per tick for hungry/very hungry/starving respectively)
  • Being unconscious (-50xp per tick)
  • Having leprosy (-25xp per tick)