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Endurance determines how many HP you have, your stamina, and how quickly you regain those points after expending them.

Each point of endurance adds a few HP to the torso and a smaller number to the head, groin and each limb. This only applies to natural fleshy limbs, not inorganic artificial limbs.

The player character is always generated with 10 End which results in 37 HP; making it the only attribute that has a constant value for each new character rather than a random number between 7 and 13. However, Endurance can be decreased to 9 or lower in-game by e.g. contaminated fountain water.


  • Increases the HP of all your bodyparts (primarily the torso)
  • Increases the rate at which your HP and stamina is naturally restored over time
  • Increases your stamina
  • Increases the strength of a limb when it is wielded as a weapon (uses the endurance value from the source creature)
  • Slightly increases your unarmed damage without gloves equipped
  • Reduces your chance of contracting leprosy
  • Reduces the chance of randomly losing a bodypart when infected with leprosy


The following actions will train your endurance:

  • Eating school food (1/3 chance to gain attribute points, based on amount of school food consumed)
  • Resting (variable, dependant on amount of HP restored)
  • Consuming ommel snot (+500xp * amount)
  • Consuming ommel bone (+500xp * amount)
  • Naturally restoring stamina (+50xp per tick)
  • Eating the holy banana of oily orpiv (+1xp * amount * 13)

The following actions will abuse your endurance:

  • Praying to a hostile Atavus (-1 attribute point)
  • Praying to a hostile Mortifer (-1 attribute point)
  • Having leprosy (-25xp per tick)


Wearing a body armor of great health will increase endurance, with each point of enchantment resulting in a +1 bonus to endurance.

End and HP Values

The following table shows the amount of total maximal HP you will have (assuming you have lost no limbs and have no artificial limbs) for increasing value of endurance.

End HP End HP End HP
1 7 11 45 21 172
2 7 12 54 22 190
3 7 13 64 23 209
4 8 14 74 24 226
5 10 15 87 25 245
6 11 16 98 26 267
7 16 17 110 27 287
8 23 18 127 28 309
9 31 19 141 29 331
10 37 20 158 30 358

Losing limbs will mean less maxHP as the maxHP of the lost limb will not be included into the total maxHP. The maxHP of artificial limbs are independent of your endurance, taking the material strength into account instead. Your endurance also cannot make your artificial limbs to regain lost HP, they can be only repaired.