Invincible Items

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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

While most weapons and armor in IVAN can be cracked/torn/shattered/etc., there are some items that simply cannot break no matter how much damage they take. This is either because they are extraordinarily powerful, or because there is no corresponding graphic and code for them in the broken state.

The second type of invincible items can be considered somewhere between an outright bug and an unimplemented feature. While it would make perfect sense for most of them to break, taking advantage of unbreakable items is generally not considered an exploit.



  • Land mines and backpacks of gunpowder will not break from taking damage, though they can explode when triggered.
  • Chests can have their locks broken by sufficient force, but will not be destroyed themselves. Items inside of them can break, though.
  • Amulets are completely invincible, except for the amulet of life saving which vanishes after saving the player from death.
  • All rings and Musical Instruments are unbreakable.
  • Scrolls are semi-invincible as they can catch on fire and burn up, but cannot be damaged in any other way. It is possible to put out a burning scroll by dipping it into a bottle of Sulphuric Acid, for example.