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AI Improvements

  • Fast monsters might kite the player.
  • When there's space, mobs should try to encircle the player and not stand in a line and wait for their turn to be murdered.
  • Some A* pathfinding would be great.
    • What about flanking or using alternate routes to get to the player?
  • Once we have throwing mobs or ranged weapons, shoot-and-run mob would be nice.
  • Mobs picking up and using wands. Some already can use wands, but they won't pick them up, AFAIK. Should be tied to enemy Int.
  • Mobs picking up potions and waiting to sip them when they're hurt. Now they just drink them when they find them. Also bottles of poison or acid should be picked up and thrown at player.


  • Accessible by giving the encrypted scroll to a special NPC.
    • This would lock you out of GC and TX, but give you access to a set of other quests based in Mondedr. Thus we could have more quests added without the need to have a million NPCs who would like to have your encrypted scroll. ;)
  • Discussion here.

 the Guild
 * thieves' guild, also running all the dungeon shops (including Merka's, so consolidate the teams)
 * one room with diplomats/quest givers
    Beauteous Obsidian Lotus the dwarven diplomat
    * female dwarf giving Kharaz-arad quest
    XXX the orcish representative
    * gives orcish freeholds quest
    * male elf that gives Dark Forest quest
 Sinja Dhan, the Protector of Mondedr
 * female
 * full steel plate mail (no helmet)
 * dual wields two-handed steel swords
 Mondedr rangers
 * four
 * ring of infra, rElec
 * ommel cloak of rF, ommel boots and gloves
 * dragon hide cap and armor
 * bounty hunters with bastard swords
 Leah the ex-familiar
 * black talking cat who once was a familiar to a witch
 * used scroll of body switch, cannot go back?

Dark Forest

  • Quest inspired by CLIVAN Deep Forest.
  • Started in Mondedr (see above).
  • Connection to the elven ambassador in Attnam.
    • Concerns the schism between elves of Dulcis and Nefas (mistresses).
 * Lunethia upon a giant sidgure (mango worldtree)
   * three floors in a trunk
   * tunnel-only floor
   * highest floor with LEAF FillWall, ROUND_CORNERS windowed SIDGURE_WOOD rooms and SIDGURE_WOOD ground/LEAF walls for corridors
   * mango food shop
   * priestess of Dulcis
 * Princess-Regent
    Eternal Empress of Elvenkind once was a lover of Dulcis, but then met a dwarven prince whe fell in love with. However, Dulcis was jealous and turned the prince into a crystal. Empress was overcomed with sorrow and transformed herself into a tree, to make eternal company to her lover.
   * "crystal with a silouette inside", secondary material dwarf flesh, leaves a lump behind when destroyed, enormous, not-walkable
   * "elf-shaped tree" (as holy tree)
 * Lunethia under attack, enemies will be all the way to the up floor, where citizen will be in locked rooms

Kharaz-arad and the orcish freeholds

  • Quest about the enmity of the dwarven fortress of Kharaz-arad and the orcish freeholds.
  • Started in Mondedr (see above).
  • Connection to the orcish representative in Attnam.
  • Alternately, your quest is to investigate strange madness than made whole Kharaz-arad into a battle zone. Dwarves are hostile until you can beat the boss.

Wand Ideas

Maybe add some of these beams as new wands, or for artifacts?

Wand Effect
Force Pushes away. Could be implemented like chained kicks.
Blink Teleports, but unlike wand of teleport moves only zapper and to where the beam ends.
Apportation Teleports items under zapper and creatures near.
Gas Beam Leaves a cloud of gas.
Liquid Beam Spills liquid over squares.
Digging Removes walls.
Triple Bolt Shoots one bolt straight and two at 45deg, maybe three lightning bolts?
Death Cross Timed bomb that explodes into beams in all cardinal directions. Maybe not a wand but an artifact?
Summoning Creates mirrored ally.
Trapping Creates a random activated trap on adjacent square.
Blood to Lava Changes all blood on floor into lava, so that your enemies burn.
Alcohol to Acid Changes all types of alcohol on floor into acid, so that your enemies dissolve.


  • Buff kicking, so kicking-only runs are possible.
  • Maybe some quest with pirates?
    • Irinox
  • Freedom fighters of Tweraif.
  • Monster and item descriptions.
  • Morgue files saved in .txt format.


  • Aslona quest line.
  • Freedom for Tweraif ending, but changed from CLIVAN.
    • Might require you to kill Lobh-se, thus allowing you (with huge luck) to win the game without leaving New Attnam and UT.
  • Add more materials.
    • Even if some had similar properties, it would be nice to have more diverse material options for equipment and other items.
    • Add different hardening trees for different metals (eg. iron > steel > meteoric steel; silver > moonsilver > mithril).
  • Mana attribute could be used to decrease cooldown of magic items, as I don't think classic spellcasting (spellbooks, fireballs etc.) would work well for IVAN.