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Shields are items used for blocking incoming blows. Unlike weapons, which can be used both for attacking and parrying, shields are purely defensive and cannot be used to attack. On the other hand, shields have a very high roundness, allowing them to block much more often than weapons, and they often offer a significant bonus to AV.

Lighter shields, such as those made of wood or light metal, are more accurate, blocking more easily. Heavier shields can be cumbersome and worse at blocking (though still generally better than weapons), but tend to have high AV. A shield might be preferable to a second weapon, especially if you lack a good armor or if the shield is magical and offers extra resistance to elemental damage.

Note that if you wield shields in both of your hands, you will kick your enemies, as you cannot attack with your hands.

Magical Shields

  • Acid Shield
  • Shield of Fire Resistance
  • Shield of Electricity Resistance
  • Shield of Magic Resistance

Artifact Shields