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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Armor is anything you can wear that protects you from harm, i.e. things that are sharp/poisonous/hot/go bump and cause lethal damage.

You can check the extended statistics of every piece of armor in your inventory:

An example of the AV rating showing a body armor with an AV rating of thirteen.

Here you have an Armor of Great Health equipped in the body armor slot, where

  • it weights 1000 grams,
  • it has Armor Value (AV) of 13.

Armor value is a number that tells just how well a particular piece of armor will protect you. Higher values obviously mean better damage reduction. However, note that even a bad armor is better than none, because having any armor equipped in a slot greatly reduces the rick of critical hits against the given body part.

Types of Armor

Armor Value

There are a few ways to increase or decrease the AV of your armor:

Magical Properties

Some armor pieces will be enchanted to magically enhance or hinder a particular attribute. These will be clearly labeled with a statement such as "...of dexterity". The enchantment levels works the same as for AV, but if the item is torn or broken the enhancement will be ineffective until fixed with a scroll of repair or at a particular shop.