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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

For an FAQ that does not contain spoilers see Questions and Answers. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask on the forums.

You could also be interested in this thread, where many minor details of the game are discussed.

How do I end the game?

There are five different ways:

  • Death - Very typical ending. Simply, you get killed by something like monsters or land mines, but not limited to those. Don't upset and try again, this game is all about learning from your mistakes and you you could even find your lost equipment again.
  • Freedom - Slay Elpuri and give its head to Petrus. Note that the game ends when you do this, if you want to try other victory types, ignore the head.
  • Avatar of Chaos - Kill Petrus and take his left nut out of town. Mortifer takes you in personaly.
  • High Priest - Kill Petrus, become Valpurus's champion and sit on the golden throne wearing the Shirt of the Golden Eagle. The most valuable victory.

See here for more info.

Why are my limbs falling off with no reason?

You've most likely been infected with leprosy. You can get it from these sources:

  • Eating leprosy infected meat (such as Zombie corpse).
  • Being attacked by a monster that has leprosy.
  • Re-attaching a bodypart that had leprosy (i.e. one that fell off because you had leprosy!)

You can cure yourself of leprosy by drinking antidote liquid or by paying a Priest a small fee.

Where can I get a new bodypart?

What should I wish for?

See this.

What are the "Ommel Cerumen Trick" or "Library Exploit"?


See here for more info, cheater.