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What is IVAN?

Yet another roguelike.

IVAN is an abbreviation for "Iter Vehemens ad Necem" which means "Violent Road to Death" in Latin. IVAN is regarded as one of the more difficult roguelike games and is also known for innovative game design and sarcastic humor.

What is a roguelike?

A roguelike game is a role-playing video game which has a gameplay drawing upon the 1980 game Rogue. Although there are many different roguelikes, these game shares some common attributes:

  • They are turn-based; every time the player makes an action, one or more turns are spent (depending on the speed of the player and the duration of the action).
  • They feature randomly generated dungeons (and sometimes items and monsters).
  • They implement permadeath, which means that once your character dies, your save file is deleted and you must start over.

But there are hundreds of roguelikes out there and they are all nearly the same. Why would I want to try out IVAN?

Listing might be the most convenient way to answer this question:

  • Body part system: Remember Monty Python and the Holy Grail? All bodyparts in IVAN have separate armors and separate hit points. After you’ve found your first good weapons, you will be able to reduce some monsters to helpless torsos by mutilating them frivolously! The game rewards brutality by showing its results graphically. Brutality can also be applied to you, though, so it’s best to have a remedy available in case of a lost limb.
  • Material and equipment system: Unlike any other roguelike, there is a certain definition in IVAN for, say, a longsword. However, the material of a longsword can be anything at all. If you have been lucky enough to get a scroll of change material, you will be able to turn your ’iron longsword’ to a ’meteoric steel longsword’, but also to a ’bread longsword’ if you, for some reason, wanted to eat a bread that is shaped like a longsword (I’m not saying it’s a good idea, but it’s not impossible). Another example: you might also want to turn your ’leather boots of strength +1’ to much stronger ’phoenix feather boots of strength +1’. Besides allowing you to upgrade your equipment in a fresh way, the material system makes it possible for the game engine to easily generate lots of different objects in the dungeons for your use and amusement.
  • Graphic effects: IVAN has probably more advanced graphics than any other roguelike. ”But graphics are useless in a roguelike!” you might exclaim. You would probably reconsider such an opinion when following a wounded and panicked monster according to its trail of blood. Besides that, you’ll face dynamically generated and animated flames, smoke, auras, weather effects, explosions, sources of coloured light and much more, even animated squares such as water.
  • General Gameplay: IVAN brings gameplay issues further than most roguelikes, while still remaining easy to play. Besides the bodypart system and the material and equipment system there are such curiosities as 2x2 monsters, wandering mercenaries and slaves which you can recruit/buy, smiths and tailors who can repair broken equipment, and monsters which are able to reproduce. The game also features many different deities ranging from chaotic to neutral and lawful. Each god has its own specialities and altars, and you will be able to affect your own alignment by the way you play. And on the top of all that, IVAN’s storyline will keep you pumped with its unique events!

Who or what is Jenny?

So you have read about the unique monsters on this wiki or the forums, right? Jenny, Sherry and similar names are fan nicknames given to the deadly monsters of IVAN. Let's see:

Danny, Jolly Dan Golgor Dhan
Gus Guugzamesh
Izzy Ischaldirh
Jenny Genetrix Vesana
Ron Rondol
Sherry Sherarax

Who or what is Ommel?

It's a creature shrouded in mystery (Well, at least we think it's an organic creature.) whose details are known only to the original DevTeam, or possibly not even to them.

Some rumors say that ommels are so powerful that they could easily squash Elpuri with just one foot and wouldn't even notice. Other rumors say they resemble enormous camels or a huge donkeys, but who knows, right?

In-game known facts are: