Enner Beast

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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

"Fishing is fun! Do you fish?"

The Enner Beast is a unique monster found on the level 5 of Gloomy Cave, standing on a bridge over an underground river to the right of the level. He enjoys fishing and speaks a bit LOUDLY.

Enner Beast Enner.gif
Stats Equipment
Arm Strength 10
Leg Strength 10
Dexterity 10
Agility 10
Endurance 20
Perception 12
Intelligence 1 Abilities
Wisdom 1
Charisma 1
Random Stats - Permanent States
Size 150

Appearance and Abilities

"I only want to talk but everyone is rude and dies when I try."

As soon as the player enters Enner level, he or she will hear the wailing screams of the Enner Beast. The Beast cries so loudly that the soundwaves will damage the player and his allies (as well as any monster unfortunate enough to spawn on this level). Those soundwaves might kill the player even before he can see the Beast. The damage depends on the distance between the player and the Beast.

The Enner Beast can be tamed, but even when friendly his blasts will continue to harm the player.


  • Leave potions in glass bottles on the level above. If you take them with you, they will shatter from his cries. ALternately, dip your potions into cans.
  • Similarly, find a permanent light source, as your lantern will also shatter. If you cannot find a permanent source, take multiple lanterns with you.
  • Read a Scroll of Detect Material to pinpoint his location on the map (detect "enner beast flesh"), so that you don't waste time and health looking for him.
  • Use Wands of fireballs, lightning or striking to attack him from a distance. Melee is risky, as you need to kill him very quickly.
  • Use a Wand of Haste to speed yourself up. The faster you walk, the less time the Enner Beast has to scream.


  • An Enner creature's roar can cause structural damage from 500 yards away. They are said to wander the wilds around Attnam, and are shot down with magic missiles before they get close enough to damage the city.
  • The Enner Beast was on a fishing trip with his two kids, but they got separated and ended up in different dungeons looking for each other.