Gloomy Caves

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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

The Gloomy Caves are a vast underground area, the largest dungeon in the world of IVAN. There are a few different quests you can complete while in this area, the most obvious being the task given to you by Petrus to slay Elpuri.

Entrance to the Gloomy Caves as seen in the World Map

Special Rooms

Merka's Shop

There are several rooms with fixed layout and special properties which appear randomly through GC 2-5.

  • Dwarven Minefield - A large room filled with mines and valuable items. No creatures spawn in this room, although they may wander in and set off a chain reaction of explosions. It is very important to walk carefully through this room and use some sort of trap detection, or to have loads of fire resistance. The rooms on the same floor as the minefield are larger than average.
  • Werewolf Lair - A small room shaped like a plus sign, which contains a werewolf and a dozen deadly wolves. The werewolf always carries a scroll of enchant armor and a scroll of enchant weapon. Both the werewolf and the wolves are eager to bite off some of your lims, so it is important to have adequate protection before attempting to defeat them.
  • Merka's Shop - Merka is a shopkeeper in Gloomy Caves. He and the monsters have a mutual agreement not to attack one another. You may buy or sell items from him, but beware not to accidentally kick his door down in case they are locked, or you may be unpleasantly surprised by him and his powerful Guards killing you in no time.

  • Chest Rooms - There are a couple large easily accessible square shaped rooms with smaller inner rooms. The inner room has walls of meteoric steel and a large chest in the center with one or two special items. There are no doorways leading to the inner room so you will have to find some other way to get in.
  • Secret Rooms - In addition to the chest rooms, there may be one or two small secret rooms. These are similar to the inner chest rooms in that they have a large treasure chest in the center. However, they are also lined with traps and are hidden so you will have to detect them somehow.

Special Levels

Dungeon floors below GC4 are special by containing one unique threat or feature each.

Enner Level

The notorious Enner Beast dwells on GC 5. Beware of his voice and either kill him quickly or keep your distance. Leave fragile items on another level or they will shatter.

Zombie Level

The 6th floor is only one big room instead of many, and is filled with zombies, necromancers and other creatures.

Mystic Level

Next level (GC 7) is a sort of preparation for Elpuri's lair. A Mystic Dark Frog lives on this level. Beware of its magical powers.

Ivan's Level

You will find two named monsters on GC 8, Ivan and Vladimir. Ivan is another adventurer who was sent into the caves before you from his own land of Russia. Vladimir is the giant carnivorous mutant bunny, but unlike his spawn he is friendly. They will assist you in fighting enemies on GC8 and if you can tame them, even further.

Dark Level

Finally, GC9 is the home of Elpuri, the Master Dark Frog. There are also several other dark frogs, including a mystic one. If you can defeat Elpuri, you have the option of either taking his head to Petrus and ending the game, or if you dare, to step thorough the portal and continue down to the lower levels...